Pitching Tee

What is it?

The Grasshopper Sports’ Pitching Tee is a new innovative instructional tool, that helps players increase their accuracy, velocity and consistency.  This is accomplished by aligning, guiding and enforcing the basic fundamentals of pitching and throwing.  The Pitching Tee is light weight and portable and can be used anywhere there’s room – baseball/softball field, practice facilities, outdoors and backyards.  It can also be used indoors for dry throwing to perform taught mechanics for required reps.  The Pitching Tee allows players to build muscle memory and helps them self-correct when they find themselves out of alignment.  This patented * hand-made throwing and pitching training tool is the only instructional device of its kind for pitching on the market today!

* US Patent Number 7601081 & US Patent Pending Application Number 63092007

Who’s it for?

The Pitching Tee is for any baseball and softball player that wants to increase their skill at (overhand) pitching and throwing.  It can be used by all levels of players – beginner to advanced.  Coaches and instructors will find it an incredibly effective tool for helping players learn and correct mechanics.

How does it work?

The Pitching Tee uses a series of markers to guide the pitcher’s front side, lead hip, shoulder, elbow, hand, foot, and eyes inline to the target. When performed correctly, the player will more consistently and accurately throw the ball where they intended.  The player will also be able to tell quickly and easily if they are out of alignment because they will be able to see clearly which body parts are not lined up correctly with the corresponding marker.

The guide rail and attachments train players to:

  • Keep their body square in their stride to the target for better mechanics, ball control and arm health
  • Lead with their hips to generate more power for increased velocity
  • Learn the proper height of the knee lift when throwing/pitching for better timing and increased velocity
  • Learn the proper positioning of the lead knee and foot as they stride to the target allowing the ball to go straight for increased accuracy and consistency
  • Learn how far to drop their backside to generate optimal power in the delivery for increased velocity
  • Learn how high their back leg should swing to create more forward momentum for increased velocity creating harder throws
  • Learn the correct arm path follow through for increased consistency and velocity
  • Stay inline while striding forward which prevents their glove hand from dropping and shoulders from opening for increased accuracy and consistency

What Programs are Included

The Pitching Tee comes with online specialized pitching and throwing programs that allow players of all ages to quickly learn and correct their form, while enforcing the proper mechanics.  These customized programs speed up the proper pitching and throwing development time for players and coaches.  Each program comes with easy steps that integrate with the Pitching Tee and it’s attachments. Programs currently available include:

  • GHS Baseball Pitching Program – for intermediate to advanced players 7-18 years old.
  • GHS 7-12 Year Old Fielding and Throwing Program – for 7-12 year old intermediate players that are learning to perfect their fielding and throwing.
  • GHS 5-6 Year Old Throwing Program – for 5-6 year old players that are just learning to throw the ball.

All programs include instructions for both individual and group lessons. The programs are accessible online once a Pitching Tee has been purchased and an account has been registered.

Examples Using the Pitching Tee

8 year old – Toby Lowry

13 year old –  Coltin Speiss

8 year old – Gavin Speiss


The Pitching Tee by Grasshopper Sports is an exceptional instructional pitching aid that helps players of all ages increase their velocity, accuracy and command.  I use it in all my pitching coaching sessions and have not found a better tool to help players learn and integrate the fundamentals of pitching and throwing.

…the Pitching Tee helps players to stay in-line and closed, allowing them to be more accurate and generate more power.  I would recommend the Pitching Tee to any player who wants more control and velocity in pitching and throwing.

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