Pitching Tee Answers

Q:  How does the Pitching Tee help increase a player’s velocity?

A:  The Pitching Tee teaches proper pitching mechanics allowing the player to increase throwing velocity by using their whole body to maximize the force behind the throw.  The Pitching Tee and it’s attachments do this by enforcing proper body alignment, correct stride length, and power generation from hips and lower body.

Q:  How does the Pitching Tee help a player throw more strikes?

A:  The Pitching Tee develops a player’s pitching mechanics to increase consistency and control.  This is accomplished by enforcing proper throwing fundamentals and repetition.  As the player practices with the Pitching Tee, they are able to use the markers and various bars as visual and physical indicators that allow them to build muscle memory and self-correct when they find themselves out of alignment.

Q:  How long until results are seen using the Pitching Tee?

A:  An increase in velocity and accuracy can be seen in as little as one training session using the Pitching Tee for many players, but as with learning any new skills, results depend on repetition and effort.  Often it takes players several session to be able to retain what they are learning and consistency make better throws and pitches.  The Pitching Tee should be used any time a player begins to show improper form and mechanics as they are throwing and pitching.

One of the keys to good results is proper throwing fundamentals and pitching mechanics.  Once proper fundamentals are learned, muscle memory through repetition can be developed to create mechanics that allow the player to consistently throw with more accuracy, velocity and power. The Pitching Tee is the premiere training aid for pitching and throwing because it allows players to build muscle memory and helps them self-correct when they find themselves out of alignment.

Q:  Who can use the Pitching Tee?

A:  Any baseball or softball player – beginner to advanced – can use the pitching tee to improve their throwing and overhand pitching.  It is built for every level and age, and is adjustable for height and size.  Since all players, no matter their proficiency, need correct throwing and pitching mechanics, the Pitching Tee is the perfect pitching aid to help them gain and keep consistency through enabling proper muscle memory.

Q:  Where can the Pitching Tee be used?

A:  The Pitching Tee is designed to be lightweight so it can easily be moved anywhere – indoors/outdoors, player’s backyard, practice field, school gym, or local training facility.

Q:  Can the Pitching Tee be used in the pitcher’s pre-game warm-up?

A:  Absolutely – the Pitching Tee can provide the pitcher a quick reminder of the proper form as well as allowing the coach to check pitching mechanics by reviewing from behind.

Purchases Answers

Q:  How long does it take to receive a product from Grasshopper Sports?

A:  In general, you will receive your Grasshopper Sports product within 7-10 business days.  Once you make your purchase, you will receive a receipt with a tracking number so that you can check on the status any time you want.  You can also access the tracking number from your account when you are logged in.

Q:  How will my order be shipped?

A:  We use UPS for shipping our orders.  All orders are shipped within three business day

Q:  Do you offer free shipping?

A:  No, we do not currently offer free shipping.

Q:  Do you offer coupons?

A:  Throughout the year, coupons may be offered to the Grasshopper Sports Community subscribers through our email services. You can subscribe at the bottom of our home page, and opt out any time!

Q:  Does the Pitching Tee come with a warranty?

A:  The Pitching Tee come with a one year manufacturer warranty that covers defective parts and material. The warranty does not cover acceptable wear and tear with usage, negligence or misuse. If you are unsatisfied with the product, please contact us anytime – we want to know. And because it happens so infrequently, we have flexibility in resolving issues fast. To start a warranty claim, contact us through our contact page, here.

Q:  What is your refund & return policy?

A:  We offer returns for a refund for unused, undamaged items for a period of 14 days from delivery. Associated shipping costs on returns are the customer’s responsibility.