GHS Baseball Pitching Program

For Players and Coaches

This program is for intermediate to advanced players that are learning to perfect their pitching.  The use of the tee and this program is an effective way to improve pitching mechanics and increase their accuracy, velocity and consistency.

Have the player throw 3 sets of 3 dry reps for each of the eight steps, evaluating and correcting after each set. In the final step, the player will perform 3 sets of 4 live throws, again evaluating and correcting after each set.  The program takes a player approximately 15 minutes to complete.

For Group Instruction

General Overview

Form the players into groups of 4-8 per tee.  Explain each step to the group and then visually demonstrate it to each player as they cycle through.  Have everyone in the group perform each step with 3-4 dry throws.

Players in group settings learn from performing the reps themselves, as well as by watching other players perform them and listening to instruction from the coach.

It should take approximately 1 hour to do a full rotation with 4 players, or 2 hours with 8 players in a group setting with a single tee.

Detailed Instructions

The program was designed for team use to teach players in groups of 4-8 players.

Place the Pitching Tee the appropriate throwing distance in front of any type of a net style backstop.  Attach 2-4 inch target towards the center of the net.  Tape any color works well and stays attached.

Adjust the boom height 10-15 inches below the target and adjust the yellow boom marker directly under the target by moving the tee base to be in line.

Position the group behind the Pitching Tee 10-12 feet.

Explain to the players:
  • How the boom and foot markers are used to keep their front shoulder inline with the target
  • How the yellow foot marker guides the players front/lead foot to the target
  • How the player is to align the player’s front/lead shoulder with the yellow boom markers and when aligned correctly that the head/eyes are automatically inline with the red markers
  • How the eyes/head, during their stride, are not to pass the center line of the yellow marker until the release of the ball while also keeping the back foot toe on the ground until after the release
  • How the term square (that is used throughout the program) is when the players shoulders and feet are inline vertically when the player is in their stance or stride
The program consists of 3 dry reps per player as players rotate turns through 3 sets of the steps 1-8.  Step 9 consists of 4 live pitches per player in 3 sets.

Explain each step and then visually demonstrate it to the group.

Players learn faster in a group setting as they learn by performing the drills, watching other players perform theirs and taking repeated instructions from the coach.

Suggestion:  Have a coach or parent video record the player from behind during step 9 so the player and/or coach can review the pitches.