About Us

Founded in 2012, Grasshopper Sports strives to provide quality equipment and innovative instructional aids with expert instructional videos to the baseball/softball community. Our passion is to enable new baseball and softball players to quickly learn the fundamentals (hitting, pitching and throwing), while encouraging their success and giving them a love for the sport.

The principal members in Grasshopper Sports, LLC are Roger Larkey, Chris Rearick, and Nick Nason.

Roger Larkey - Grasshopper Sports

Roger Larkey

President & CEO

Roger Larkey is the founder and patent holder for the Pitching Tee, an innovative pitching aid which is the company’s cornerstone offering. He is President and CEO for the company and will guide our course and help bring innovative new products to market.

Chris Rearick

Director of Baseball Operations

Chris Rearick is the Director of Baseball Operations and the lead baseball coach for Grasshopper Sports. He is a former Major League pitcher for the San Diego Padres, and most recently has been coaching and providing private baseball lessons.

Nick Nason

Vice President of Operations

Nick Nason is the Vice President of Operations, handling day to day processes and IT functions. He has many years of experience with small business operations as well as a background in system administration and cyber-security.